Buffalo Soldier Memorial Project Overview


Type of Memorial Monument:  History of the Buffalo Soldiers in Arizona

Memorial Plaza Partners

City of Tucson, Ward 5
Tucson Parks and Recreation
Greater Southern Arizona Area Chapter of the 9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association (Tucson, AZ Chapter)

Memorial Location:  The memorial will be located just in the plaza area adjacent to Quincey Douglas Neighborhood Center administrative offices.

The Need

At this present time there are no monuments or museums in the Tucson area representative of contributions Black Americans made in settling Southern Arizona and the West.  

The Purpose

To preserve and recognize the important contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers who were stationed in Arizona.

Memorial Goals

  1.  Raise awareness of the contributions that the Buffalo Soldiers               made in settling the Southwest and the state of Arizona.

  2.  To recognize the contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers in protecting
        the nation in a time of war.

   3.  Establish a suitable memorial to honor the Buffalo Soldiers and            showcase their exploits while serving in Arizona.  

​​​​​​​Mission Statement

To “educate” the Tucson community about the rich history of the Buffalo Soldiers and their positive impact on defending the nation and settling Southern Arizona and other Western states.

Memorial Opening:  Late April or early May 2021